My name is Jolanta Piela. I have been working as a marketing and business strategist for 12 years – helping entrepreneurs from small companies to larger organizations. My marketing activities and campaigns have been rewarded with many prestigious awards for effectiveness and creativity. When I decided to start my own business – Good Division, I made a decision to focus on working for entrepreneurs and business owners, because you are working hard to create the economy, the business culture, and giving the workplaces for people. And you, in contrast to big companies, are forcing the biggest challenges. Not only business, administrative and formal, but also those related to combining running a business and a happy, good, healthy life.I have always been passionate about action, not strategy theory, creating models detached from reality.I have always absorbed knowledge, but I collided it with reality as soon as possible, because even the most perfect theoretical model crumbles in confrontation with reality. Your business is for you, that’s why you have to go through the process of creating your company’s strategy to develop, operate and achieve goals FOR YOU – never the other way around. Therefore, I am fulfilling my dream by creating an offer and tools for building strategies for companies, for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for the smallest ones who do not have the capital at the very beginning to invest in exploding strategic models and need support in taking the first steps in meeting the dream of your own business.