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I would have never imagined how powerful and resourceful women are in the field of marketing if I hadn’t led my own business. My mom raised me in conviction what women are more powerful, more resilient, but I actually didn’t focus on that during my career.

It changed, however, when I started along the entrepreneurial path. I quickly learned that the business is a direct extension of its owner’s personality. And I am extremely hard-working, intense, very engaged, and rarely get tired. It’s not easy to work in my company, because there are constantly new challenges and ventures emerging. 

I learned from my experience that not only are women more prone to this kind of endurance and focus challenge, but they are also brave and badass. And 2020 showed it straightforward. 

Women are brave. If it’s got to be done, then it’s got be done. What I’ve seen observing women in marketing is their fighter’s spirit, the tireless pursuit of the goals set for oneself. Even if it is hard, even if taking action also involves risk. What I see is a great will to fight and dedication to the task. Similarly, managing women requires a wise leader because the attitude I am writing about very often leads to overload. And we women, as you will admit, tend to put tasks above our personal comfort.

Women have a strong sense of duty. I observe that women take on tasks with greater commitment the more those tasks align with their personal sense of mission. This results in a selective approach to the undertaken obligations, but as a consequence, enormous dedication to the task. The last year has shown how hard business can be. And I saw that women are not only much tougher in the long term, but also much more composed and sober-minded.

Women are great negotiators. Women, even the highly ambitious types, can tame their ego and look at the battle from a broader perspective. I often advise men on business negotiations and see how often their desire to win every battle (or to be right) keeps them from winning a war. Women are clever, they can see a few steps ahead, they can use the element of their innocence and the ability to defer gratification to raze their opponent to the ground.

Women make the teams unite. Women are the leaders and binders of the herd. They can perfectly align the achievement of their individual goals with the goal of the group. They can stay focused on the goal and make sure no one on the team is left behind. They’re damn strong, but they use that strength to multiply the value and increase the competencies and comfort of the whole.

Women are skilled at conflict resolution. Women have a unique ability to recognize what is really important in a given situation. It does not allow short-term satisfaction to lead to long-term catastrophe. We can use our intelligence, empathy, and knowledge of human nature to understand the deeper meaning and patterns that guide people. Therefore, it is easier for us to forgive, to let go of little things for the things that really matter.

Once you understand how much power we grasp in our hands, how many things are we capable of, I believe that we no longer need to prove ourselves, to fight, to consider ourselves any less powerful than others. I dream of a day when we no longer discuss a need to prove anything, and to look for wrong and right in leading a business or making marketing. We have no reason to be shy and have every reason to shine, and this is our duty, as women in business to teach our girls to become strong and powerful women, both as mothers and as leaders.

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